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Don’t Ruin Your Life With These 3 Common Ways of Dealing With Stress

Trying to outpace stress will take its toll

Trying to outpace stress will take its toll

You’re right. Hard work never killed anyone. And financial strain or relationship tension won’t damage you for life. But the way you handle stress can indeed determine your health and happiness.

There are destructive ways of dealing with stress that we know to avoid, like trying to escape our struggles by using drugs, running away or failing to take responsibility. But what about more acceptable, even encouraged, approaches to stress?

The following three typical ways of dealing with stress jeopardise your health and wellbeing.Continue Reading

10 Everyday Habits To Make You A Calmer Person – an interview

Develop calm person habits

Develop calm person habits

Who doesn’t want more calm in their lives? Listen here to Ken Burgin and I discuss how you can achieve this, even when you live a busy and often stressful life. (If you’re itching to get to get straight into the 10 habits, our discussion starts after the 5-minute mark.) You can also find the original article that inspired the interview here.

And you can visit the podcast directly at Profitable Hospitality.

The Simple, Surprising Mood Booster A Stranger Taught Me

The Simple, Surprising Mood Booster A Stranger Taught Me

“Shared Mindful Moments—find them anytime, any place”

His name was Karl—it said so on his a name badge. He was heavyset and middle-aged, unremarkable at first glance.

But then he smiled. He looked right at me and smiled. And his eyes twinkled.

It was disarming. It jolted me out of the caught-up world of my own head. I couldn’t help but to look back and return a smile.Continue Reading