Stress Mastery 101 Premium Package


The Stress Mastery 101 email course PLUS the Stress Mastery 101 ebook.


Product Description

  • 7 email lessons — 1 email delivered to your inbox every 3-4 days for 3 weeks
  • Each email introduces and links to a new lesson, building from immediate stress relief, to stress fitness, stress awareness, and stress mastery
  • Each lesson presents ideas, exercises and strategies, and suggests how to apply them to your life
  • The 7 lessons comprise a 5-10 minute audio recording that you can play or download, and listen to whenever and wherever you wish
  • A transcript is provided with each lesson, for easy reference, or in case you prefer reading to listening
  • Each lesson also includes 1-3 links to additional relevant articles that enhance, reinforce or extend the lesson material

PLUS the Stress Mastery 101 ebook: access all the course material at any time, in the one place. An easy convenient PDF resource containing all 7 lessons — skip ahead during the email course if you wish, and refer back to any lesson any time via your ebook